Latest Update

Welcome to the latest update. Equip is now being run directly by the Trustees with no employed management or administrators. This will make more funds available to support the schools in Kigali. The primary school is virtually self-funding now although it does need some support from time to time.

The main focus this year remains the vocational secondary school which opened in January 2016 for its second full year. Trustees are waiting for a full report on how tuition will be deployed and resources allocated. There is an expectation that more funds will be needed this year.

The swing evening raised just over £2000 and another £100 per month was pledged. Many thanks to Amanda Pole and her team for organising and running this highly successful event.

There are plans to organise a group visit to Kigali to see the work in action in May 2016. Please contact if you are interested in this.

Thank you again for your support. It is much appreciated.

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