A Day of Madness

This background scene shows just how beautiful the landscape of Rwanda is and we are privileged to have acquired land to build a school in such a wonderful setting. However, in the mid nineties, this very scene was the place where a brutal massacre took place. It started at a school just to the left of this picture. Around April 15th 1994, things had got so bad that the UN pulled out and let events take their course. People fled to the school building because they thought it to be beyond the imagination of even the most brutal killers to target a place where young people lived out their childhood. They were wrong. They day after the UN retreated, leaving matters to run their course, the school site was the scene of one of the most brutal attacks.

No-one was spared. To add to the tragedy, just one day later, Paul Kagame and his RPF troops arrived to bring an end to the atrocities. The school was finished and it is now a memorial site. To the right of this picture, on the hills in the distance, 5000 people had sought refuge in a local church. Again, surely the sacred places would be a sanctuary. But no. The gathered men, women and children were massacred in ways to brutal to describe here. Between the two sites, in the centre of the photograph, the River winds through the main valley in the centre of Rwanda. You can just make out the road that crosses it and the main bridge that links the two hillsides. It is this bridge where tens of thousands of bodies were disposed of daily. They were thrown into the rive so that the current would take them away forever. A devastating scene.