Welcome to Kingdom Education Centre

Kingdom Education Centre is a thriving primary school in the heart of Kigali. Established in 1994, it has around 600 pupils on roll and is supported by Restore Rwanda Ministries, a Rwandan charity led by Deliverance Church leader Bishop Joseph Karasanyi.

The school is a leading primary education provider and frequently tops the results table for Kigali primary schools. KEC is led by Robina, who has been headteacher for five years. In that time she has brought a level of quality and stability to the learning provision and lessons are interactive, vibrant and challenging. Class sizes are also quite reasonable compared with other schools locally.

The children are happy and achieve highly. Many qualify for state funded secondary education which is still relatively rare in Rwanda. The government have worked hard to provide primary and secondary places for all children, but many have to pay to attend which still causes difficulties.

Restore Rwanda Ministries supports many families who cannot afford fees and in doing so, relies in turn on supporters from other nations.  

How has Equip helped?

The school was set up in 1994 as part of the rebuilding process after the genocide devastation. Supporters from the UK and Canada raised the £100,000 needed to complete the current building which has been improved further in recent years.

In 2007, Joyce Meyer Ministries provided food for the children so that they could have a much needed balanced meal each day. At about the same time Equip founders Paul Johnson, Jon Sweeney and Martin Hughes visited the site and took over as the main supporters. The school was still receiving funding from its original donors but there were signs that this was coming to an end. Also, the success of the school meant that a number of local families were beginning to pay fees. A confusing picture was emerging and it was decided that the school should be fully supported but encouraged to become independent and self-funding as soon as possible. 

This would release any new funds and make them available for a secondary school which was much needed and would require a bigger initial investment. Although the secondary school remains the main focus for Equip, the Trustees remain watchful and would always want to see Kingdom Education Centre continue to thrive.